July 24, 2024

The thread gauges are primarily used for measuring the screw threads and for determining or checking the thread angle, diameter, or pitch of the screw thread. It can also be said that the thread gauges are used for conducting qualitative tests on components that are manufactured against the given standard of thread. The thread gauges are available in the market in different sizes and types and you can find the right product for most of the major thread standards. Thread gauge is conceptually relatively simple and gauge is fitted to the mating thread for the confirmation that the component thread matches the gauge thread.

Gaugestools is one of the prominent and most reliable company that manufactures and sells these products worldwide. They sell multiple types of high quality thread gauges with wide range of products available in different categories. The company supplies different thread ring gauges for the inspection of external thread as well as thread plug gauges for the inspection internal thread. The ring gauges supplied by the company are solid, and the customers can directly use them as there is no need for setting of plug gauges.

The thread plug gauges that is manufactured and sold by gauges tools have the facility of taperlock double ends having one handle consisting of two parts GO and NOGO both of which is extremely important in determining the accurate measurement of a thread. Almost all the instruments are made for right handed people and if you need left handed tools then you have to specify and the company will supply customized one. The Gaugestools is golden key supplier of PayPal and it accepts credit card payments from various merchants including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express. The PayPal provides buying protection for the customers. 

Beneficial NPT thread gauges available at thread Gaugestools.

The NPT thread gauge also known as National Pipe Taper thread gauge, and is used for threaded pipes as well as pipe fittings. It encapsulates both ring gage and plug gages. These threads are tapered for the purpose of sealing and there is no need for any separate thread sealant. Some of the benefits that you get with these gauges are 100% calibration, with quality assurance, and the gauges have high precision at Gaugestools. 

Best quality materials are used to make these tools Oil hardened tool steel-Gcr15 to be specific which leads to the advantage of it being high wear resistant. It has hardness of 58-62 HRC. All the gages that are supplied are brand new and in pristine condition. The expert team at the company knows importance of controlling temperature and humidity when testing gages and is only tested in 20 degree +- 0.5 degree, with the humidity of 45%-65%.

The company provides laser marking service for the gauges, and a client’s logo is an example of this service. The gauges sold by the company have fixed limited gauges, and the inspection thread on pass/fail basis without checking detailed size of thread.