July 24, 2024
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Based on research carried out in 2018, almost 94% of consumers will stop interacting with an online business if they have poor-quality graphic design on their website. Keeping that change in mind, businesses have to be more careful about their graphic design to keep virtual potential customers on board.

To avoid loss to the company, here are some signs that mean you need to upgrade your design game.

1.   Experiencing Significant Growth

As a business, you might start small, and eventually move toward significant growth. Naturally, as you progress in the industry, you’ll have to make changes to your marketing strategies, your operational methods, and design.

Since your business will be targeting an increased and widespread demographic, you’ll need to modify your designs to appeal to them. You can start small and make changes to a few visuals on your website.

Growth in your business should be a sign that it’s time you need to expand your graphic design elements. As you progress, you can start making changes to your social media post designs, transform the functionality of the site, and create a logo that’s relatable and appropriate.

2.   Your Logo is Unimpressive

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A good quality logo design can have a drastic effect on your business. According to 75% of consumers, a company’s logo is a primary brand identifier, if designed the right way. However, when a business starts small, its initial goal is to survive in the industry, and therefore, they may not spend too much time working on complex branding, logos, and visuals, etc.

But with significant growth, the business should revisit its design decisions. When a business continues to expand in the industry, they receive a large following shortly, and sustaining them becomes important. With heavy reliance on virtual platforms and social media, businesses need to be more vigilant about the visuals they are using to represent their business goals.

One of the prime brand-building elements is the company’s logo. Therefore, if you feel that your business logo isn’t a representation of what your business values and brand image are, it’s time you hire a professional graphic designer to improve it.

3.   There’s No Synergy with Trends

Even though you have to create designs that can stand the test of time, you can’t use outdated elements for your brand.

Using elements that aren’t in line with recent trends could create a negative brand impact on your particular demographic. When you feel that you aren’t getting the desired response from your targeted consumers, you need to look into how to make your brand more relatable and time specific. The best way to do this would be to use relevant visuals.

Use visuals, color schemes, and design elements that are popular among your demographic. Employing these will help you create a better brand image with your consumers.

4.   You’re Using Unprofessional Software

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Are your design elements designed on MS Word, Paint, or other free websites online?

If the answer is yes, it’s time to revisit your company’s design needs. Take a close look at how your designs reflect your business image, and try to rebrand. Hire professional design services and have them create relatable designs, time specific, and a true representation of your brand. These improvements will help you redefine your website, social media presence, and brand identity.

5.   You Want to Improve Engagement

Do you feel your website and social media have very low engagement? It’s time to redefine your visual branding.

According to research almost 94% of first impressions and the fate of future engagement by consumers would be based on your web design. A web design, its visuals, and designs can determine how much and for how long a consumer might interact with your website, social media, and more.

So, when your statistics start indicating that your business engagement has been facing a downfall, it’s time to visit your website and check out its design and navigation. Once you’ve determined the design issues on the website, you can move to your social media and print ad designs.

Improving designs for all these elements can get your business better engagement and virtual viewership.

6.   You’re Launching a New Product

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The best time to revamp your brand identity is when you’re going in a new direction. Whether you’re starting a new branding campaign or have a new product for launch, redefining design elements can improve the overall brand identity.

Use your new product as a way to relaunch your entire brand image. Use different colors, design elements, and dimensions to create an impressionable reputation. New logos, print designs, and a transformed website can improve consumer engagement and organic traffic.

7.   Visuals Don’t Represent Your Values

The basics of corporate design services are that a design, visual element, or logo should be a representation of your business ethics and values.

Look at your logo or web design with a group of new employees, show them visuals without any context and ask them what they think the brand is promoting – if you get answers that aren’t close to what you’re doing, it’s time to offer up new insight into your work. Hire a professional design service for your business and get designs that showcase your business values.

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