July 24, 2024

Salia software has been one of the most widely accepted ones, by many insurance companies as it goes best with their BiPRO interface. For maintaining assekuranz, Germans usually use Salia software. Since the software is mainly established in Germany, the Salia software is much more famous among the Germans, but that does not curb the compatibility of the software within that particular group of people.


With the prevailing boom in the technology and internet, there are many software companies been developed to make the working of the insurance brokers easy. If it comes to managing the assekuranz, then blindly choose Salia. It is cheap and time-effective. Many insurance companies are following and appreciating the enhanced features in their software and are convinced about their services and support.


Safety measures of the Salia software:


Salia has been famously known for its unassailable security features, with a strong data encryption mode activated in its data center. The software, as it is used to maintain and manage the assekuranz, must be meticulous with its data privacy and safety. The insurance details are considered to be the most sensitive type of information as it holds information regarding progressive money and sometimes benefits such as in medical surgeries and so. So, the insurance broker is advised to use Salia, as the software is credible for their safety measures. With strict tests and regulation methods, the Salia software has been tested for its ability to maintain site traffic, breach limits and so. Thus, it can be assured that the software would be safe for use, especially for such confidentiality data as insurance details.

Installation of the Salia in the computer


With the assistance of the SQL Projekt AG, the users can easily download the Salia to incorporate with their BiPRO connect that predominately uses BiPRO interfaces. After a small registration process, the users can download the software into their computer. The plans would be varying. Look carefully at the plans available in the software portal, choose according to your price limit and needs. This cloud-based system, however, is friendly with many of the interfaces especially with BiPRO connect which are extensively used by insurance companies.

Salia also offers its users a 60 day free trial with complete access to every option that is provided to the premium customer. Since the contracts are to be managed properly, it is recommended to every insurance broker check whether the software is easy to usage, and cost-effective, which usually is.

What is the procedure for updating the Salia software?

In terms of updating procedures, Salia recommends its users to have a proper and valid license in using them. If you have an old version of the Salia and are more annoyed with the arduous process it requires, then do not worry! The Salia software also provides the users with salia.cloud version wherewith simple registration, the users could use an easy way of using the software in its full terms. The users are provided with an effective Salia.cloud version, where updates are automatic and do not require any storage to get updated.

Outside applications cooperative

Unlike much prevailing software related to managing the insurance information and other contract data, Salia has been known for its easy compatibility with many applications that are widely accepted and used in many computers. This way, people could easily incorporate the data collected in the Salia software directly into Microsoft Office applications and other Windows applications. For instance, if the insurance broker has collected numerous data in his Salia software account but does not know where to note down the multitudes of data. If stored wrongly, then there is a possibility of losing the data altogether. Not noting down, can be considered a good solution as it is a cloud system the data can simply be there. But, in case you are in a place where there is no proper broadband connectivity then the data inside the cloud system cannot be retrieved and this puts the insurance broker and the software in a difficult situation.

To avoid such issues, the insurance broker must incorporate the data such as the details of the customer and their banking information can be incorporated in MS Word or Excel. Online storage can be a viable option, but it should not be considered the only option. Sometimes, circumstances would demand you to display the records of the contracts and other information in a place where there are no internet facilities, that is why the Salia software has implemented such benefit in their software with the help of unparalleled API.

What else you are waiting for? Use your PC, spend time in the simple registration required to install, and use them to make your job easy and effective.