May 23, 2024

So you have made the decision to consider paintball like a sport and you are very looking forward to it! The very first factor you are likely to wish to accomplish is choose which paintball gun you should purchase. There are lots of choices available, many are cheap and a few are costly, so this information will try to show you when you are making that first exciting step.

WHAT Type Of PAINTBALL Would You Like To PLAY?

This will narrow lower your alternatives a little therefore it is essential that you choose this primary. Should you simply want to play scenario/woodsball our within the plant, then you are most likely best purchasing a mechanical paintball gun. They are much more durable and reliable than electronic paintball guns, and they’ve the additional bonus of searching more realistic too. You will be able to better simulate your favourite movie scenes when you are holding a paintball gun that appears just like a real military weapon system.

If you feel you are more prone to wish to play tournament paintball then you definitely certainly have to buy a digital paintball gun. They all are about giving players the utmost firepower feasible for very busy paintball games. ROF or (rate of fireside) may be the first concern to be able to control another team with massive levels of shots being fired. They don’t resemble real guns whatsoever, and therefore are frequently a lot more flamboyant searching that is consistent with the tournament paintball culture.


Significantly improved you’ve made a decision around the style you need to play, you have to consider just how much you need to spend. It’s essential that you evaluate which your limits are, otherwise you’ll finish up getting another mortgage to cover your sport.

Whether or not you are directly into scenario or tournament games, there’s a variety of choices beginning from under $300 completely as much as $3000.

My advice for many beginners is to begin with a really cheap new, or perhaps a second hands paintball gun. This way should you weary within the sport following a couple of several weeks, you do not have a $2500 paintball gun sitting in stock gathering dust. If plan lower the track you have out grown your paintball gun and you need to upgrade, then you will easily have the ability to market it to a different new player who’s just stepping into the game!


Since you have chosen the sport style you need to concentrate on, as well as your cost range, you ought to have very staid around 3-4 possible paintball guns to select from. This is when the selection becomes very personal. Paintball is extremely about style and attitude, around it’s about playing the particular game. Select a paintball gun that you want the feel of, has got the features you would like, and enables you to feel at ease. You will get a lot more enjoyment from the sport, and feel much more pride whenever you remove your personalized paintball gun ready for any game with buddies.